If you’ve ever used water skis, sang along to “Purple Rain” or eaten a Snickers, you have Minnesota to thank. That’s right — the land of snow and friendly folks has many inventions to its name. It was also the birthplace of several famous figures, including Bob Dylan, Prince and Judy Garland. And now, Hippo is offering modern Minnesota home insurance for residents from Minneapolis to Duluth and everywhere in between.

If you just moved to the state and are having trouble learning the Midwestern slang on top of getting your home the protection it deserves, take a deep breath. While we can’t turn you into a native Minnesotan overnight, we can help you make an educated choice regarding your home insurance coverage. Keep reading for everything you need to know.

What is the average cost of homeowners insurance in Minnesota?

Illustration of three houses with green doors and smoke coming out of the chimney of one

Homeowners insurance in Minnesota costs an average of $1,515 a year — about how much you’d pay for three sets of golf clubs, a popular purchase in Minneapolis (they have approximately two golf courses per 1,000 residents). While this may not seem like a lot for something as important as home insurance, you should know the Minnesota average is 26% more than the nationwide average of $1,200.

Homeowners insurance in Minnesota costs an average of $1,515 a year — about how much you’d pay for three sets of golf clubs, a popular purchase in Minneapolis.

What factors influence my home insurance rate?

Just like your golf score can vary depending on what course you play, your home insurance policy will vary depending on where you live. If you’re in a flood plain or near one of Minnesota’s 11,842 lakes, your premium will likely be a bit higher than the state average. Other factors that influence your premium include your home’s size, age and current condition.

Is home insurance required in Minnesota?

Home insurance is not technically required in Minnesota, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to buy a home without a home insurance policy. This is because most mortgage lenders require proof of home insurance before approving a loan to make sure their investment is properly protected.

Minnesota Home Insurance Premiums

What does Minnesota home insurance cover?

Minnesota home insurance will cover your home’s structure, belongings and liability from a variety of perils. So if snow builds up on your roof and damages the structure of your house, as well as your collection of Breezers, you’d be covered. That kind of coverage is crucial in Minnesota, where the phrase “Must've warmed up, I see it's snowing” is uttered pretty regularly.

Did you know that Minnesota has more shoreline than California, Florida and Hawaii combined? While this means there are plenty of opportunities for ‘Sotans to lounge by the water or fish in the river, it also means the risk of severe weather and flooding is higher. Thankfully, plenty of insurance riders are available to get you the coverage you need, such as flood insurance and equipment breakdown coverage.

Minnesota Insurance Coverage Options

Traditional coverage


Supplemental coverage


How to lower your home insurance premium

Whether you want to get your premium down to grow your rainy day fund or to buy more Vikings tickets, there are plenty of ways to get the job done. Adding smart home devices such as water-leak detection and alarm systems can help keep your home safer. Keeping up with home maintenance and monitoring your insurance score is also a good idea, as both will be taken into account when determining your premium.

You can also use some of that Minnesotan charm to convince your neighbors to go in on updating your fence, as that can save you both some major cash. If your roof, windows or HVAC system are more than a few decades old, updating them can also help reduce your premiums. Finally, you can always raise your deductible limits and shop for other providers to save even more.

Minnesota home insurance resources

Those looking to get up to speed on home insurance have plenty of options in their state, dontcha know. From nationwide programs like the National Flood Insurance Program to more localized services like Minnesota’s FAIR Plan and the Minnesota Commerce Department, ‘Sotans can get the protection they need and learn what home insurance is all about.

National Flood Insurance Program

While traditional home insurance policies won’t cover flooding, you can add flood protection through the National Flood Insurance Program, a nationwide program run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Created to reduce the financial damage flooding can cause to homeowners property, the program will help you repair your home and replace your belongings should they get damaged by floodwaters.

Minnesota FAIR Plan

Does Minnesota have a FAIR Plan to make sure everyone can get the home protection they need? You betcha! If you’re unable to get insurance through a traditional provider, whether it is due to a high-risk home or a long history of claims, you’d qualify for a FAIR Plan. But keep in mind that FAIR coverage is very minimal, so it's best to try to secure more comprehensive coverage if you can.

Since we’ve started offering our insurance services in Minnesota, we’ve gotten to see “Minnesota nice” up close and personal. And it's started to rub off, as our customer service team is trying to coin the phrase “Hippo nice.” But we’ll let you be the judge of whether we deserve the term or not (you’re the expert after all.) To see how nice we can be, just give us a call.

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