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8 Santa-Approved Holiday Activities For Kids (Plus Free Downloadables)

Nov 24

Two kids looking in a candy jar on the kitchen counter
Assaf Wand
Hippo Greets the Pine Tree State

Nov 17

Hippo Insurance Services launches in Maine

Assaf Wand

Assaf Wand
Home Tour Checklist: 43 Questions to Ask Your Realtor Virtually and In-Person

Nov 16

A couple sits at a desk, facing away from the camera, looking at an image of a home on the computer in front of them.
Home Upgrades For Your Furry Friends

Nov 5

A man using a power tool a with a small puppy to his left
Tinsel and Tech: Smart Home Devices Made for The Holidays

Nov 4

A boy playing with train tracks on a rug next to a dog, with a woman looking on her phone on a couch behind him
15 Fun Cleaning Games for Kids (and Free Downloadables)

Oct 30

Young girl wearing a superhero mask holds a spray bottle.
How COVID-19 Could Make Future Homes Smarter

Oct 16

Someone using a smart home tablet
Building an Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Your Home

Sep 21

Water, cans, blankets and other emergency supplies
Assaf Wand
Hippo Greets the Diamond State

Aug 26

Hippo Greets the Diamond State

Assaf Wand

Assaf Wand
Assaf Wand
A Natural Fit in The Natural State for Hippo

Aug 17

A Natural Fit in The Natural State for Hippo

Assaf Wand

Assaf Wand
Deliveries Have Increased During the Coronavirus Pandemic. So Have Concerns about Package Theft.

Aug 10

A delivery box left on by the front door of a home
Homeowner Tips for Summer Safety

Jul 27

Man and his son grilling food