San Diego is a homeowner’s dream. With close proximity to the beach, gorgeous weather, an excellent school system and a plethora of restaurants and breweries, what’s not to love? But whether you’ve recently made the move to “America’s Finest City” or are a native San Diegan, there’s one thing every homeowner will need, and that’s home insurance.

From traditional family townhomes to vacation homes nestled on the beach, Hippo covers them all. Below, our guide sums up what you will need to know about getting proper home protection in America’s Finest City and what to be mindful of as you settle into life on the Golden Coast.

How much is homeowners insurance in San Diego?

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Homeowners insurance in San Diego costs an average of $1,067 a year, according to That’s about the same amount you and 16 friends would pay to see the young hippo Amahle at the San Diego Zoo. This is a bit less than the average California home insurance premium of $1,133 and even lower than the national average of $1,200.

Homeowners insurance in San Diego costs an average of $1,067 a year, about the same cost for you and 16 friends to see the young hippo Amahle at the San Diego Zoo (say hi for us when you do!).

What influences my home insurance rate?

Though if you’ve just purchased your first home or haven’t moved around a lot, you may be surprised to learn that your home insurance premium will vary depending on your location. For example, San Francisco and Sacramento homeowners insurance policies are a bit more expensive than San Diego, at around $10-$30 more per year.

San Diego Home Insurance Premiums

Why is homeowners insurance so expensive in San Diego?

Homeowners insurance is expensive in San Diego due to the city’s climate and economic status. San Diego homes are not only more pricey, and therefore more costly to insure, but the city is in a particularly dry area of California, leading the local government to classify the area as a high fire hazard zone.

What does home insurance in San Diego cover?

Home insurance in San Diego will cover your home’s dwelling, personal property and any additional structures you have, such as a detached garage or shed. This means if a downed power line starts a fire in your attic, your insurance provider will provide financial assistance as you work to repair your roof and replace lost belongings. Home insurance also covers liability, so you don’t have to worry about footing the bill yourself should someone get injured in your home during a San Diego Padres watch party.

San Diego Insurance Coverage Options

Traditional coverage


Supplemental coverage


What San Diego residents should be mindful of

Even though California is the Golden State, it’s home to some natural disasters that residents need to keep in mind when shopping for home insurance. Catastrophes like wildfires, earthquakes, floods and landslides can happen, and all require supplemental insurance for proper protection. While your exact risk depends on where you live in Cali, it's smart to get this additional protection immediately so that your dream home is adequately insured in the event of an emergency. In addition to these severe weather events, San Diego has also seen an increase in porch piracy in recent years, meaning more theft protection might be a good idea as well.

How to lower your home insurance premium

Life in San Diego, while gorgeous due to the city's temperate weather, is rather expensive. In fact, it's the 14th most expensive major city in the nation, according to NerdWallet’s cost of living calculator. Because of this, families may be looking to save money any way they can, and that includes lowering their home insurance premium.

The best way to lower your insurance premium is to make your home safer, as insurance companies will charge less to protect homes they view as a lower risk. This means keeping up with regular home maintenance, installing smart home devices and updating your roof and HVAC system if they’re over 20 years old. Given how many military bases reside within San Diego’s city limits, if you or your family are a part of the armed forces, make sure you let your home insurance provider know. Many will offer discounts on premiums for military customers.

Here at Hippo, we feel a strong connection to San Diego. Not only do many of our employees call the city home, but we also love the official seal that says “Semper Vigilans” (Latin for “Always Vigilant”) because it's something we pride ourselves on. Want to see what we mean? Give us a call to learn more about the most vigilant and modern home insurance policies around.

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