While the Maine coastline may conjure images of waves crashing on a rocky shore and a lighthouse shining onto the Gulf of Maine, life in the Pine Tree State is more than just lobster dinners and sea salt.

Maine has a rich and varied culture. More than just producing a walloping 40 million pounds of lobster per year, Maine also produces 95% of the United States blueberry supply. But just as farmhands work overtime to stock grocery shelves, Maine’s great minds are working to innovate in other areas, too. Without the great inventors of the north, we wouldn’t have earmuffs, microwave ovens, L.L. Bean or even donut holes.

But just because Maine is home to horror author Stephen King, purchasing home insurance doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Read on for more information about home insurance in Maine, the most forested state in the US.

How much is homeowners insurance in Maine?

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Though Oregon is the least expensive home insurance premium in the country, Maine still ranks in the top 10 least expensive. Coming in at number eight, the average annual home insurance premium in Maine is $991. Compared to the national average of $1,211 per year, Mainers pay an average 18.2% less for home insurance. Though if you live in Portland, you can expect to pay a bit more, as Portland, ME home insurance costs $1,295 a year.

Home insurance in Maine costs $220 less per year than the national average — or, about the price to have two pounds of lobster delivered to your door.

What factors influence my home insurance rate?

Maine residents have the state’s mostly temperate weather to thank for their low insurance rates. Though Maine is home to heavy winters, extreme weather events are overall rare in the state. So though Down Easters need to gear up for the potential damages caused by a freezing winter, they can spend the mild temperatures of spring, summer and fall being thankful for their low premiums.

Maine Home Insurance Premiums

What does Maine home insurance cover?

Home insurance policies typically cover dwelling, personal property and personal liability. Dwelling insurance will protect your home and any other structures on your property — so yes, if a loose moose ends up destroying a structure in your yard, it’ll be covered. And don’t fret if you’re worried about your fence, that will most likely be covered, too.

Personal property insurance covers the belongings inside your home, and personal liability covers damage to another person on your property or damage to your property that is your fault.

Maine Insurance Coverage Options

Traditional coverage


Supplemental coverage


Tips to lower your home insurance premium

There are several options for Mainers looking to decrease their home insurance premiums. The first is to winterize your home. With an average annual snowfall of 60 to 110 inches in inland Maine, taking steps to reduce any potential damage from the frost can help reduce the amount of coverage you’ll need.

Some insurance providers will also give you a discount if you upgrade to smart home devices. A smart thermostat can help you turn up the temperature in the wintertime without having to leave the warmth of the bed covers, and other smart devices like water sensors to prevent water damage and washing machines can help protect your home and make a positive environmental impact.

Maine homeowner's insurance resources

Mainers looking for more insurance resources can find them in the Maine Bureau of Insurance and the National Flood Insurance Program. The MBI can help residents with insurance questions from its online website, including what will affect their premiums and what is covered in the state.

Maine Floodplain Management Program

The Maine branch of FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program — called the Maine Floodplain Management Program — aims to help Maine residents secure flood insurance at an affordable cost. Since there are nearly 33,000 structures at risk of flooding in Maine, this insurance can help Mainers stay afloat.

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