What does self-care mean to you? Some people define it as taking bubble baths or getting a professional massage, while for others it might be reading in their home library or going to the gym. Depending on your personality type, you may have different preferences when it comes to how you care for yourself. 

Taking care of yourself is an essential aspect of living a balanced life and requires really knowing your personality in order to create the most optimal self-care routine. This is especially important in how you spend time at home. Here at Hippo, we are all about helping our customers feel their most joyful at home, and that includes making the most out of their space.

You may have looked up your astrological sign or your Myers-Briggs type, but have you ever thought about how it applies to your home life? Read on for a breakdown of wellness tips best suited for each sign by element and archetype.   

How your personality influences your home life 

Are you averse to a messy workspace? Do you feel the need to have several pillows beside you to fall asleep every night? Making the proper type of accommodations in your home can work wonders for your ability to feel comfortable. Better yet, making home updates can even help improve your mental health. NYC Therapy reported that establishing new routines while at home can boost your mental health. With this in mind, we’ve put together a variety of wellness tips you can include in your self-care routine, no matter your personality type.

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Signs you may need wellness additions in your home 

The way you organize your home can have a dramatic impact on how you feel. After all, your home can influence your mood, productivity and even the quality of your routines. Seeking out ways to enhance your home life based on your personality type allows you to address your needs so that you can focus on what matters most to you. 

Read below for some signs it might be time for you to consider incorporating wellness additions to your home:

  • You have anxious or depressed feelings while home by yourself. 
  • You often have trouble sleeping or sitting still at home.
  • You don’t feel like you can relax at home. 
  • Sharp mood swings come on throughout the day.
  • You find yourself calling people to fill up the silence while at home.
  • You have a lack of motivation to clean the house. 
  • You dread going home. 
  • You’re constantly looking for reasons to stay out of the house. 
  • You avoid entertaining others. 

Info on wellness tips for different zodiac and Myers Briggs types

Home wellness tips: zodiac edition

Where and when you were born will have a big influence on your astrological chart. The twelve zodiac signs are divided into the four main elements, with three signs per element. Your sun sign (more popularly known as just your sign) is assigned to you depending on your birthday. While we are all unique individuals, understanding the archetypal tendencies associated with your sign can help you cultivate wellness in every way. 

Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Below is a list of wellness tips based on the element of your sign. Following these tips can help you feel more at ease throughout every room of your home.

Wellness tips per zodiac

Air signs

If you are a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, then you fall under the category of the swift and talkative air signs. Known predominantly for their quick-witted nature, sharp communication and creativity, these signs share a love for connection and innovative technology. As an air sign, one way you can integrate your love for modern comforts with your home life is by checking out smart home trends for 2022. Below is a list of further wellness additions for air signs to nurture their creative spirit. 

Wellness additions for air signs

Plants: philodendron birkins, pilea peperomioides and bird’s nest ferns for modern and light vibes 

Essential oils: bergamot, lavender and geranium for clarity, focus and pleasure

Self-care tips: Spend some time in stillness, journaling or meditation to calm your active mind.

Earth signs 

If you’re a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, you may find yourself concerned with practicality, attention to detail and comfort. As an earth sign, you need a stable, refined environment that is worthy of your exquisite taste. You likely enjoy spaces with a natural flair and might choose to explore green spaces for your home life. Try incorporating the following plants, oils and self-care practices to help reflect your sign’s unique nature.

Wellness additions for earth signs

Plants: snake plants, echeverias and parlor palms for durability and beauty 

Essential oils: ylang ylang, eucalyptus and peppermint for ease, determination and freshness

Self-care tips: Tidy up your space to help you feel cozy, clean and organized.

Water signs

With their sensitivity, imagination and intuition, the Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces of the world deserve a space that nurtures their empathetic nature. Often preferring their own space to explore their creativity and recharge their emotions, water signs should consider optimizing spaces for their unique sensitivities. With attention to sensory details, you can create the perfect environment for rejuvenation and rest. 

Wellness additions for water signs

Plants: ficus tineke, philodendron greens and ZZ plants for a soft, homey and graceful touch 

Essential oils: rosemary, frankincense and grapefruit for emotional awareness, creativity and inspiration 

Self-care tips: Schedule a dinner date with yourself, draw a bath or take some time to reflect and reconnect to who you are. 

Fire signs  

Aries, Leos and Sagittarians are known for their passion, artistry and strong initiative. They like to take action, exercise their independence and express themselves just as they are. Fire signs like to do things on their own terms, which is why they might consider some DIY projects to enhance their home. Customization is key, and there’s no reward for a fire sign like having success in projects that bolster their independent nature. To continue this streak of uniqueness, try any of the following self-care tips and wellness additions to help find what speaks to you.

Wellness additions for fire signs

Plants: orange orchids, monstera deliciosas and coffee plants to increase vibrance and energy in your home

Essential oils: spruce, cedarwood and sweet orange for temperance, humor and energy 

Self-care tips: Expend pent-up energy with some exercise, an artistic activity or by cooking a delicious meal. 

Home wellness tips for your Myers-Briggs personality type

Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? Would you say you are more of a feeler or a thinker? These are just a few of the subtypes that the Myers-Briggs questionnaire attempts to identify in order to assess your personality. 

Based on Jungian psychology and created in the mid-1900s, the Myers-Briggs personality assessment helps you understand different ways you interact with and process the world. Read more to understand how your mind and personality work to help you set a more ideal home environment for your Myers-Briggs personality

Illustrations of wellness tips per Myer Briggs type


If you are an architect (INTJ), logician (INTP), commander (ENTJ) or debater (ENTP), you may find yourself innovative, strong-willed and intellectual. In turn, you are likely to play out different options for your home to see which make the most sense. You may also want to focus your energy into finding ways to lower your home insurance, once you’ve organized your home fridge, bathroom cabinets and closet space for optimal efficiency. 

Wellness additions for analysts 

Plants: poppies, irises, hydrangeas and zinnias for a bold look in your home

Essential oils: chamomile, hyssop and vetiver for reduced inflammation, soothed nerves and calming the mind 

Self-care tips: Take some time away from work with a stimulating book, puzzle or something creative like knitting or painting to soothe your analytical mind.


The diplomats are the advocate (INFJ), mediator (INFP), protagonist (ENFJ) and campaigner (ENFP). Charismatic, altruistic and inspiring, your ideals and communications skills are unparalleled. Hosting a social event, like a garage sale, is a perfect way to connect with people, clear out what you no longer need and enjoy your unique skills as a communicator. Read on for some ways you can enhance your self-care habits based on your unique qualities. 

Wellness additions for diplomats

Plants: orchids, peonies, calla lilies and tulips to increase in-home elegance

Essential oils: rose, frankincense and grapefruit for sweetness, invigoration and creativity

Self-care tips: Find an activity that requires no interaction with the outside world to give your busy brain a break from external stimulation.


Logisticians (ISTJ), defenders (ISFJ), executives (ESTJ) and consuls (ESFJ) are known as sentinels. If you fall under this category, you are likely dedicated, fact-minded, protective and administrative. With all the time you spend problem-solving and improving the state of the world, it’s important for you to find time to relax and spend time just for you. Chances are, you’ll be on top of your home maintenance and safety, such as fixing up your roof or keeping your home security up-to-date. Check out some ways you can improve your wellness routine as a sentinel.

Wellness additions for sentinels

Plants: dahlias, roses, daisies and sunflowers for to make your home more lively

Essential oils: tea tree oil, arborvitae and rosemary for focus, practicality and stress reduction

Self-care tips: Block off time in your day to take a fitness class or watch a movie.


The most adventurous, spontaneous and energetic of the Myers-Briggs types are the explorers. Virtuosos (ISTP), adventurers (ISFP), entrepreneurs (ESTP) and entertainers (ESFP) love to live on the edge and think outside of the box. Playing by your own inventive set of rules, you may benefit by exploring how you can maintain a remote work-life balance, in addition to incorporating the following wellness additions in your home.

Wellness additions for explorers

Plants: cactus, lavender, lisianthus and chrysanthemum to boost your mood

Essential oils: cassia, wintergreen and basil for warmth, refreshment and tranquility

Self-care tips: Go outside to get inspired, gain clarity and focus on your goals. 

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Finding a home insurance company that gets you

Whether it’s pampering your Taurus nature with a luxurious bubble bath or having an INFP den to author the next great American novel, you’ll feel right at home by embodying who you really are, and the rest of your household will thank you for it. Based on your unique personality traits, you’re likely to have very different needs from your neighbor. In turn, what you need out of a home insurance provider will also vary greatly. 

No matter if you’re a total Cancerian homebody or a diplomatic ENFJ, Hippo has the reps and the services to help you where you are. Hippo offers online and over-the-phone options and will help you with everything from submitting a claim to getting a quote. A balanced home is a happy home — that’s why we created Hippo Home Care. This way, you can have each person’s unique personality satisfied with the amenities of their choosing. 

If you do decide to make major changes to your home, like turning your bedroom into a smart bedroom, make sure to check out your coverage options so your home insurance is up-to-date with everything you’ll need to protect your investments in your ideal living situation.

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