With breathtaking views of mountainous terrain and clear skies for most of the year, it’s hard to find reasons not to move to the Springs.

Known for its high elevation and scenic views, the city, also known as “Little London,” is the second most populated city in Colorado after Denver. Whether you choose to move to The Springs for its snowy winters or its picturesque parks, make sure your home is protected while you explore the high desert. This article will detail what to keep in mind when searching for the right homeowners insurance in Colorado Springs.

How much is home insurance in Colorado Springs?

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Home insurance in Colorado Springs is $2,929 per year on average, according to Insurance.com. For that price, Coloradans can take an open-air Jeep tour of the Garden of the Gods park 30 times. Policies in Colorado Springs are much higher than the average Colorado home insurance of $1,680 and over double the national average of $1,200.

Colorado Springs home insurance is about $2,929 per year on average — for that price, you can take an open-air Jeep tour of the Garden of the Gods park 30 times.

Since the Springs has been ranked as one of the best cities to live in across the country, the prices of homes in this area have increased significantly in the last year. This is part of the reason why home insurance in Colorado Springs is higher than that of Denver, in addition to how prone Colorado Springs residents are to wildfires and windstorms.

What factors influence my home insurance rate?

The factors that influence your home insurance rate in the Springs include your home’s location, age, size, and current condition. Older homes may be deemed riskier to insure, especially with windstorm and wildfire risks. If you do own an older home, you may want to consider home renovation to make sure the structure of your home is fortified and ultimately reduce your premium.

Colorado Springs Home Insurance Premiums

What does homeowners insurance in Colorado Springs, CO cover?

Home insurance policies in Colorado Springs will cover your dwelling, liability, and personal property. With this coverage, if your roller skates damage your home while you’re practicing for the Pikes Peak Derby Dames tryouts, the cost of repair will be covered by your insurance. Liability insurance will also protect you if you or a visitor in your home gets injured while you are using your roller skates.

With Colorado being one of the top states for remote jobs, it’s worth noting that your electronics may be covered up to four times their value with Hippo so just in case a rogue hockey puck damages your home office setup, you’ll want to have the right coverage, such as scheduled personal property insurance.

What Colorado Springs residents need to know

While Colorado Springs has some of the cleanest air and one of the best views of the Colorado Rockies, there are several considerations for buying a home in the area. Colorado Springs lies in El Paso County, which is known to have the state’s worst wildfires.

It’s been reported that some homeowners who lost their homes in the Waldo Canyon Fire didn’t have enough coverage to fully cover the cost of rebuilding their homes. With this in mind, homeowners should consider add-ons like fire insurance and catastrophe coverage when protecting their personal property and belongings.

Homeowners that live on top of the bluffs may have scenic views but may also be subject to harsh winds. While most homeowners insurance policies will cover standard wind gusts, windstorm insurance is a wise add-on to your insurance policy that will protect your home in the event of high wind damage. You can also prevent wind damage by making sure your roof doesn’t have damaged shingles and grounding your appliances.

When living in such close proximity to the snowy mountaintops of the Colorado Rockies, it comes as no surprise that winter weather can take a toll on homes in the Springs. Blizzards, hailstorms, and even flash floods have occurred in Little London. Protect your home with the right insurance riders, and make sure to wrap your pipes to avoid them freezing up or even bursting in cold conditions.

Colorado Springs Insurance Coverage Options

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How to lower your Colorado Springs home insurance premium

With the higher insurance premiums of Colorado Springs, it's no surprise homeowners are looking to save on their policy. One way to help lower your premium is installing smart home technology to detect smoke or carbon monoxide early on before it damages your home.

In the areas that pose a wildfire risk, firescaping can prevent having to file a claim and potentially raise your premium while reducing the likelihood of fire damage. This involves having fire-safe zones, adding less-flammable plants to your green spaces, and keeping spaces open to deprive the fire of things to burn.

The dry air in Colorado Springs also causes water to evaporate quickly, ultimately resulting in limited water usage for some areas. Since the water usage limitations fluctuate, xeriscaping is a low-maintenance form of landscaping that can save you money.

To save money and prepare for winter weather, you can also make sure your home is weatherproofed by fixing detached weather stripping on doors and windows, loose hinges, rain gutters, and garage doors. A final way to secure your home and save money while you’re at it is by shopping around with different providers to see where you can get the best price.

Homeowners in the Springs are nestled in the perfect mix of scenic views and delicious seafood, so it’s no surprise that its population of nearly half a million people continues to grow — especially with the first Whataburger location opening, you know the Springs is the place to be.

To ensure your home has the modern protection you need through the hot summers and winter weather, call Hippo to find the right home insurance policy.

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