Those looking for their own slice of heaven just might find it in the City of Angels. After all, where else can you experience beautiful sunshine, luxury shopping and maybe even a celeb sighting or two in the same afternoon?

With so much to do and see, from Dodger Stadium to Rodeo Drive and the Hollywood Sign, those moving to LA will want to make sure their home is protected while they’re exploring the sights. Below we’ll detail home insurance considerations for LA residents.

How much is homeowners insurance in Los Angeles?

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The average cost of home insurance in Los Angeles is $1,240 — putting the rate above the California home insurance average of $1,133 and just above the national average of $1,200. While that may seem steep, Los Angelenos are purchasing a home in the center of the U.S. film industry, steps away from the Pacific coast and home to many cultural icons. Also, consider that those who reside in California seem to love it, making the Golden State one that residents are least likely to move away from.

Los Angeles home insurance averages $1,240 — or the value of 1,240 Oscar statuettes, which are only worth $1.

Do Los Angeles home insurance rates vary by zip code?

When you have a famous television series centered around your zip code, chances are you’ll have to pay a little extra to live there. So those living in the 90210 zip code might pay a little more than those living in 90501. Different zip codes in Los Angeles will incur different home insurance costs, determined by the home value and number of claims filed in the area.

Los Angeles Home Insurance Premiums

Why is LA home insurance so expensive?

Los Angeles has been the mecca for those pursuing a career in acting, music or general glamour for decades. La La Land has stood the test of time, remaining a hub for aspiring creators and dreamers to live among like-minded individuals while they chase their dreams.

With its proximity to the ocean, temperate weather, innovative industries and flocks of new residents, the value of homes and cost of living in LA tends to skew high. Add on a high crime rate and location on a large fault line, home insurance premiums also tend to be slightly higher. As such, it can be a little more expensive to set up a home in LA and insure it.

What does Los Angeles home insurance cover?

Once you win that Oscar, you’re likely to want to proudly show it off. But in the event something happens to your most prized possession, home insurance includes personal property coverage to keep your belongings protected.

A typical home insurance policy usually covers dwelling and personal liability as well. Dwelling coverage will protect any additional structures on your property — so if you build a TikTok studio in your backyard, it’ll be covered. On the other hand, personal liability covers accidents to people visiting your home or damage to someone else’s home that is your fault. So if your TikTok skit goes awry, you’ll be covered for that, too. And the icing on the cake: Hippo offers 4x higher coverage limits on electronics, so you don’t have to worry about all of your equipment.

Los Angelenos may also opt for additional insurance riders that aren’t typically included in a standard policy. Because of semi-frequent earthquakes and wildfires in cities throughout California, earthquake and fire riders could be a good idea. And in the event of a break-in, theft coverage will give you peace of mind.

Los Angeles Insurance Coverage Options

Traditional coverage


Supplemental coverage


Considerations for LA residents

There are many factors to consider when shopping for home insurance. The first and perhaps most prominent is your home’s location. Proximity to the coast, the fault line or an expensive zip code will most likely raise your rates. So if there’s any chance you’ll run into Kim Kardashian at your local supermarket, you might want to prepare to pay a little more.

You should also look into crime rates, weather patterns and home value in your neighborhood, as all of these things could impact your premium and the supplemental insurance you choose to buy.

Tips to lower your home insurance premium

People like to live green in the Golden State, as evidenced by the fact that Los Angeles is the number one market for solar panels in the United States. Those who choose to partake in this home upgrade are doing more than just helping the environment; they’re saving themselves money! Solar panels and other home upgrades like smart home devices can help lower your home insurance premium.

You can also lower your rates by shopping smart when looking for your home. Purchasing a home farther from the coast and fault line and in an area with less crime can improve your rates. If the sound of sirens doesn't bother you, purchasing a home close to a first-responder station like a police or fire department can also help lower your rate. 

Los Angeles has attracted everyone from movie stars to musicians. So those who are California dreamin’ might land in this sunny, star-studded city for a fun place to settle down. Keep yourself and your belongings protected — contact Hippo for a home insurance quote today.

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