Wisconsin. The land of dairy, farmland, the Packers and harsh winters (just part of the reason why homeowners insurance in Wisconsin is a must). Outside of major cities like Milwaukee and Madison, you might think there isn’t much to do in the Badger State. But oh, how wrong you’d be.

We thought the same before we started servicing homeowners in WI. Not only were we impressed by their famous Midwestern charm, but we’ve found that the state’s combination of lakes, gorgeous scenery and festivals is pretty hard to beat. And the best part? Home prices run an average of $222,000, which is well below the national average.

So if you’re planning a move to America’s Dairyland, or you’ve been a Wisconsinite for a while and just want a better home insurance policy, look no further. We’ve gathered all the information you need below.

How much is Wisconsin home insurance?

Illustration of three houses with green doors and smoke coming out of the chimney of one

It costs around $876 to insure a home in Wisconsin — or about the cost of six tickets to see Green Bay score a touchdown sitting right by the end zone. Sound too good to be true? It’s not; Wisconsin is one of the cheapest places in the nation for home insurance premiums (the cheapest states are Oregon and Utah).

It costs around $876 to insure a home in Wisconsin — or about the cost of six tickets to see Green Bay score a touchdown sitting right by the end zone.

What factors influence my home insurance rate?

But before you rush to drive your moving truck past the state lines of this Midwestern gem, you should know your premium can vary depending on a variety of factors. This includes your home’s location, how high-risk your area is for severe weather (FYI: flooding and tornadoes are common in Wisconsin), the age and current condition of your home as well as the number of insurance riders you add to your policy.

Wisconsin Home Insurance Premiums

What does homeowners insurance in Wisconsin cover?

All home insurance policies will cover your home’s structure, home’s contents, liability and even additional living expenses. However, Wisconsinites may need additional coverage due to the nature of their home state. But first, let’s dive into some WI fun facts.

Did you know that the Badger State is not only the dairy capital of the world but that it’s home to some famous cities as well? Sheboygan is hallmarked as the bratwurst capital of the world, and Wisconsin Dells takes home the title of the waterpark capital. A state like that deserves to be properly protected (and not just because those are three of our favorite things — because it’s what we do).

Onto a more serious topic: Wisconsin sees an average of 23 tornadoes a year, meaning windstorm insurance might be a good idea to protect your dairy and bratwurst stash. Other risks for your area include severe winter storms, flooding and landslides. You may even want to consider mold coverage to protect your home should a flood cause mold to sprout in your basement.

Wisconsin Insurance Coverage Options

Traditional coverage


Supplemental coverage


Tips for lowering home insurance rates

While WI home insurance policies are already pretty low, saving money is always a good idea. No matter if you own a waterfront home off of Lake Winnebago or a townhouse just outside of Milwaukee, there are changes you can make to save even more.

These updates include installing smart home devices throughout your home, getting a security system and having your roof and plumbing regularly inspected if your home is on the older side.

Once you see those savings start to come in, we recommend putting some away in an emergency fund so that you have money to pull from if you need to file a claim.

The rest? Use it for something fun, like to buy more beer at Summerfest or see the Packers play at Lambeau Field.

Wisconsin home insurance resources

Life in Wisconsin isn’t all cheeseheads and Happy Days — as mentioned above, there are occasional severe storms or other weather events Wisconsinites need to prepare for. The Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance is a great resource for those looking to know more about their insurance options, as well as the following government programs.

National Flood Insurance Program

While Wisconsin and Minnesota may be arguing over which state has more lakes for decades to come, the fact remains that Wisconsin has a lot of water in and around the state. That means it’s much more susceptible to flooding than land-locked states like Illinois. That’s why homeowners should consider taking advantage of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to ensure that their homes and belongings have protection from flood water damage.

Wisconsin Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plan

The Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plan (FAIR) is run by the Wisconsin Insurance Plan. This state-wide program offers home insurance coverage to those unable to get a traditional policy, either due to a long history of previous claims or because they own a high-risk home. It’s worth noting that the policies aren’t as robust as what you can get through private insurers (like us), so FAIR should be considered a last resort.

We know that Wisconsinites love their dairy. Here at Hippo, we love our Wisconsin customers. That’s why we offer four times the coverage on the things you really need to protect, like electronics and appliances — interested in making the switch to Hippo? Call us or get a home insurance quote online to get started.

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