What do Bill Gates and Jimi Hendrix have in common? Okay, not a lot. But they were both born in Washington State. So whether you’re a computer wizard or a guitar enthusiast, it’s natural that you might want to tune in to life in the Pacific Northwest.

With its lush green forests, hip metropolitan areas, mountain views and serene coastlines, it makes sense that Washington residents love their home in the Evergreen State. So it also makes sense that they want to make sure it’s protected. Read on for information about home insurance options for Washington residents.

How much is homeowners insurance in Washington State?

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Coming in at an average of $960 per year, Washington State is in the 10 least expensive states for home insurance premiums. Compared to the national average of $1,211 per year, Washington residents can expect to pay about 21% less to protect their homes. Though if you live in Spokane, you might pay a bit more as Spokane home insurance costs around $1,048 per year.

Washington residents pay about $250 less than the national average in home insurance premiums — or the admission fee to go up into the Space Needle seven times, if you wanted to do that.

What factors influence my home insurance rate?

Washington residents have the state’s lack of frequent extreme weather to thank for their low rates. Though the state may be famous for its lengthy rainy season, there aren’t common occurrences of wildfires or tornadoes. And though earthquakes are common, they’re rarely devastating.

Thankfully for Washington residents, the most dramatic thing about your state is “Grey’s Anatomy.” And that won’t increase home insurance premiums.

Washington Home Insurance Premiums

Is homeowners insurance required in Washington state?

There isn’t a state law that requires homeowners to own home insurance in the state of Washington. However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to need it. Most lenders will require proof of insurance before giving you a loan to buy your home.

What does Washington home insurance cover?

A standard home insurance policy in Washington will cover your dwelling, personal property and personal liability. Simply put: any structures on your property, any belongings on your property and any accidental damage on your property, or accidental damage off your property that is your fault. So if you and your buddy are trying to toss around a salmon like they do at the iconic Pike Place Market, you’ll be covered in the event it gets slippery.

Washingtonians may also opt for additional coverages that will protect you against state-specific dangers. In case of flooding in the rainiest state in the U.S., Washington residents may want to purchase flood insurance. And because Washington is prone to earthquakes, insurance to cover these natural disasters may also be a smart move.

Washington Insurance Coverage Options

Traditional coverage


Supplemental coverage


Tips to lower your home insurance premium

Though Washington already provides one of the lowest insurance premiums in the country, it’s possible to get that number even lower. One way to do so is by upgrading your home with smart devices to provide an extra layer of security to your home. Insurance providers may give a discount to smart homes because they reduce the risk of accidents.

Home location can also play a role in your premium. Setting up your home near a police station, fire station or hospital can score you a discount, while building in a flood or earthquake zone will most likely up your premium.

Washington homeowner's insurance resources

The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner is an online resource that can help Washingtonians learn more about their insurance options. Some programs, like the NFIP and FAIR programs, are also available to help residents score coverage.

The National Flood Insurance Program

If your home is in a flood zone, your mortgage lender will most likely require that you add flood protection to your plan. FEMA’S National Flood Insurance Program can help get you connected with a flood insurance provider. However, if your community participates in the NFIP, you may be eligible to buy flood insurance through that program at a discounted rate. You can check whether your community participates by visiting the NFIP website.

The Washington FAIR Plan

The Washington FAIR Plan aims to help Washington residents who have had difficulty securing insurance through traditional methods. The FAIR Plan provides basic dwelling and property insurance for people throughout Washington state — liability coverage is not available under this plan.

Sure, Washington state is the birthplace of Starbucks Coffee, but there’s no need to be “Sleepless in Seattle.” Washington residents can rest easy knowing that their home is protected no matter what happens by getting a home insurance quote from Hippo today.

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