A significant number of people followed Paul Simon’s path to Graceland in 2020, with a report from U-Haul stating that more people moving out-of-state chose to land in Tennessee than any other state. It makes sense, given that the average value of a home in the state is $207,727, and Tennessee is one of the most affordable states in the country. 

What’s more: when people move in, they’re not likely to leave. Tennessee is a sticky state — and we aren’t talking about humidity because the state is ranked 29th when listing the states from most to least humid. People who grow up in or move to Tennessee tend to stick around, from Knoxville to Nashville

With so much music, culture and nature to explore, Hippo couldn’t resist donning a 10-gallon hat and making its way down to the Volunteer State to provide affordable and reliable home insurance.

What is the average cost of homeowners insurance in Tennessee?

Illustration of three houses with green doors and smoke coming out of the chimney of one

Home insurance in Tennessee will cost you roughly $1,344 per year. That means that those who choose to settle down in the heart of America’s country music scene will be paying about 12% more than the national average of $1,200. Home insurance rates do vary though, factoring in your home’s location and how old it is.

The average cost of home insurance in Tennessee is about $150 more than the national average — or, about the cost for you and a friend to spend a day at Dollywood.

Why is Tennessee home insurance so expensive?

Tennessee home insurance is expensive due to the risk of natural disasters and other perils in the area, including tornadoes, windstorms, or other types of extreme weather events.

Tennessee Home Insurance Premiums

What does homeowners insurance in Tennessee cover?

A standard (HO3) home insurance policy usually covers your dwelling, personal property and personal liability. Dwelling insurance protects your home and other structures on your property from bad weather or accidents. Personal property insurance protects the belongings inside of your home, including clothes, furniture and electronics, from any predators that might break in to steal them (and we don’t mean Nashville’s hockey team). Finally, personal liability insurance covers injuries on your property or accidental damage you cause outside of the home — just in case you root for the Vols a little too hard during your friend’s Gator Bowl watch party. 

Since Tennessee is susceptible to a plethora of natural disasters, Tennesseans might consider adding supplementary coverage that isn’t usually included in a standard policy. Coverage for windstorms, tornadoes and floods can (and probably should) be tacked on to your policy.

Tennessee Insurance Coverage Options

Traditional coverage


Supplemental coverage


Tips for lowering home insurance rates

The best tip anyone can get to lower their home insurance rates is to think proactively and take care of your home before a disaster occurs.

There are several home improvement projects that can help secure you a discount — for example, a new roof to help protect your home during bad weather. Home improvement projects that make your home less susceptible to serious damage can score you a lower insurance rate. 

Some insurance providers, like Hippo, will even offer a discount for more modern updates like smart home devices. Smart home devices can help minimize damage to your home, like video doorbells and leak detectors.

These devices can also help save you money on your premium, while things like voice-automated personal assistants can queue up Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” whenever you need to hear it.

Tennessee home insurance resources

Tennessee doesn’t offer access to a Fair Access to Insurance Requirements plan, so you’ll most likely have to find a standard insurance provider that works for you. Providers like Hippo are dedicated to furnishing transparent and low-cost insurance that will have you out the door and at the honky-tonk without any headaches or worries that your home isn’t safe. 

There are a few programs in Tennessee that can help you understand more about home insurance and your rights as a homeowner or connect you with coverage in the event of a flood.

Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance

The TDCI is Tennessee’s state branch of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and its purpose is to protect consumers by ensuring a fair and viable insurance marketplace in Tennessee. Consumers can visit the department’s website for information on their rights as homeowners and information on state insurance laws. To check if your community is participating in the program, visit this document.

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency

The Tennessee branch of the Federal Emergency Management Agency helps connect Tennesseans to flood coverage. People in participating communities can purchase flood coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program to enforce floodplain management mandates.

When it comes to home insurance, take Johnny Cash’s advice and walk the line. With new homes under construction and neighbors moving in, Hippo made its way down south to offer a home insurance plan to Tennesseans that can handle every rock and every roll.

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