Winter is coming, and let’s just say that it won’t take 5 books to arrive (a joke for the GOT crowd). Whether it's your mother-in-law's first Winter in a new home or you just want to help your parents optimize the home they live in and love, the following gadgets will help set you and them up to conquer the upcoming gift-giving season and any holiday cold snaps.

Smart Thermostat

To really create a cozy environment, you could treat for an easy-to-operate smart thermostat. Our favorite is Nest Thermostat. It is quite affordable, can work with most smart home assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, and can end up paying for itself by saving the homeowner up to 10% on your heating costs. A great perk for homeowners that are on a fixed budget.

The other perk to a smart thermostat is being able to control it away from home. We know last year introduced surprise after surprise, especially in the weather. Seniors being able to monitor and react to their home’s temperature and quickly avoid frozen pipes is a Godsend when far from home.

Smart Personal Heater

Finding the right temperature, especially in communal spaces, can be a challenge. Some of us can be hot potatoes or run chilly. Sitting in a cold environment when seeking coziness is never enjoyable, and a beautifully designed, eco-friendly personal smart heater is just the ticket for ensuring their personal space attains the level of comfort they are looking for. Find the best one for their space and style; a few of our favorites are the Honeywell UberHeat Electric Heater, the Panamar Smart Space Heater or the Portable Desktop Heater from Hilltop Direct.

Smart Smoke and CO Detector

We all know that panicked feeling of ‘do I smell smoke?!’ and then rushing about the house to try and figure out where it is coming from. What is especially alarming is that older adults are 2.5 times more likely to perish in a house fire than the general population. Or worse, watching a news story about the dangers of odorless CO lurking in the home. Gifting and installing a smart smoke and CO detector like Nest Protect will have you taking a big breath of relief. This practical 2-for-1 gadget not only saves your special someone from having 2 types of devices but alone can actively alert them, you and anyone else with the app to smoke or carbon monoxide emergencies in the home by sending alerts so everyone can react immediately.

Smart Air Purifier

As the temperatures drop and friends and family are spending more and more time inside, with the windows and doors shut against the chilly temps, it is vital to keep an eye on the overall air quality of the home and remove invisible toxins that may be floating about due to fireplaces, dirty air filters, candle use, etc. We have found Molekule Automatic Air Purifier to fit the bill when it comes to showing what’s in the air and cleaning it as well. This small, quiet machine works to remove any VOCs, smoke and biocontaminates it detects in the home. There are even a couple of size options to find the best fit for the person you are shopping for.

Smart Vacuum

Floors definitely take a beating coming into the cooler, more wet months, or should we say whoever is in charge of cleaning up the dirty floors takes the beating during these months. We think working smarter, not harder, in our favorite seniors homes is the perfect way to make sure they are able to keep things tidy, like they prefer, but to also mitigate any risk of them overworking or possibly injuring themselves. To get to sit and savor what a clean floor feels and looks like without having to break their back every day is the way to go. Like the Eufy RoboVac, a smart vacuum is extremely user-friendly and quite easy to set up to address the specific areas that need the most attention. It is also straightforward to clean and maintain, ensuring it will last season after season in the home.

Smart Coffee Maker

A coffee maker that you can schedule to brew in advance, we already know, can be a huge blessing. But let’s think bigger and better. A smart coffee maker that you can control via app, set a schedule to, control with your voice with an eco-friendly reusable filter may fit just about every at-home-coffee-maker-bill. The Atomi Smart Wifi Coffee Maker is kind of like gifting them their own little mini-barista at home.

Smart Mug

Nothing makes a person feel more warm and fuzzy than wrapping their hands around a piping hot beverage, and nothing is more of a letdown than when you get your hands and mind all ready for that warm feeling only to sip a cold cuppa. Making a small investment in a smart mug capable of controlling the temperature will allow you to know that they are enjoying a hot drink for much longer. This is also a wonderful gift for any friend or family member that prefers a warm drink over a cold one. We like the Self Warming Ceramic Mug from Uncommon Goods for its beautiful design and affordable price.

Smart Remote Control

If you think this is an old-school television remote control, we are going to blow your mind. This comprehensive little gadget like the Nature Remo 3 has sensors for temperature, light, motion and even humidity, so they will be able to know everything about their home's environment at a aglance and can control it all at the same time. It can maintain multiple appliances in their home while they are there or away (perfect for the Snowbird in your life). This particular device also works well with most smart home assistants.

Smart Flood Detectors

Not only are frozen pipes a concern in the upcoming winter season, but fall and winter weather bring about the risk of water damage to the home in a multitude of ways, either the gutters are blocked, roof damage, hot water heater failure, natural disasters, etc. Setting up a smart flood-monitoring system will allow your friends or family member to better protect their home or possibly their second home,  from any water leaks because most times, water damage is happening in places that are a bit out-of-sight-out-of-mind. Check out Flo by Moen; we prefer the easy setup and its accessibility from anywhere.

Even if the senior in your life is a supreme snow bunny that loves to see the first snow of the season falling and feel the temperature dropping, and may even shun the idea of a smart home device--you should still look into gifting them these smart home devices. These devices empower independence and will help them prepare for the coziest, smartest winter yet. 

It also never hurts to let them know that they may also enjoy a discount on their home insurance, depending on what devices they install.


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