South Carolina is full of surprises. Not only does it produce three times as many peaches as the Peach State, Georgia, but it’s also the birthplace of barbecue (who knew? We thought it was Texas). Add in a gorgeous coastline, hundreds of golf courses and a 7,000+ acre state park and South Carolina has proven itself to be a great place to settle down.

Since we started to serve South Carolinians in 2019, we’ve taken every step we can to embody your state’s seal “Animis opibusque parati” (translation: prepared in mind and resources). To help you do the same, we’ve created the ultimate guide to getting a home insurance policy in South Carolina.

How much is homeowners insurance in South Carolina?

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Homeowners insurance costs an average of $1,426 for residents of the Palmetto State. While this is a little less expensive than the average three-night stay in a rental home in SC, it is $200 more than the national home insurance average.

Homeowners insurance will cost Palmetto residents an average of $1,426 — a little less expensive than a three-night stay in the average SC rental home.

What factors influence my home insurance rate?

But South Carolina residents know that they’re getting what they pay for, given the state is prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and tornadoes (SC is in Dixie Alley, after all). Looking to get an estimate for how much it’ll cost to protect your home? Make sure to take into account the age of your home and its location, as those factors can influence your premiums as well.

South Carolina Home Insurance Premiums

What does South Carolina homeowners insurance cover?

Like home insurance policies in all 50 states, home insurance in South Carolina covers your home’s structure, belongings and personal liability. So say a robber breaks into your garage to steal your expensive golf clubs — damaging your garage door in the process. Your home insurance would cover the costs needed to repair the door and replace those clubs.

But while your golf clubs and RiverDogs gear may be financially protected from the occasional thief, that doesn’t mean you don’t need any extra protection. There are plenty of insurance riders catered to the area’s tumultuous weather, including hurricane insurance, catastrophe insurance and water backup protection, that you should consider adding to your policy. You can even add non-weather-related riders to your policy for extra protection like service line or appliance insurance.

South Carolina Insurance Coverage Options

Traditional coverage


Supplemental coverage


Tips for lowering home insurance rates

While there aren’t any professional sports teams in the great state of South Carolina, that doesn’t mean its residents don’t love to get competitive. In fact, the first-ever game of golf was played in Charleston, South Carolina.

But if you aren’t into golf, you can compete with your neighbors in an entirely different way. Try out some of the following tips to see who can get the biggest discount on their home insurance policy.

One way to easily lower your yearly cost is to increase your deductible. While this means you’ll owe more upfront, it can save you a lot of money on premiums over time.

Other quick ways to take advantage of discounts from Charleston to Greenville include updating your roof, installing water leak detectors and adding in smart home devices.

South Carolina home insurance resources

Looking to learn more about the home insurance resources for your state? While you could head to the University of South Carolina Library, one of the first libraries in the nation, you could also just read through our breakdown below to get all the information you need. For even more info, check out the South Carolina Department of Insurance website.

National Flood Insurance Program

Anyone that lives near the coast knows the high cost of flooding, and South Carolina residents are no exception. While your flood risk greatly diminishes the farther you live from the beach, you should still explore potential coverage options to ensure you’re protected. You can get the flood protection you need through your insurance provider because all providers get coverage through the same government body, the National Flood Insurance Program.

South Carolina Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plan

If you’ve ever struggled to find insurance coverage for your home, you should know South Carolina has your back. The Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plan (FAIR) is available to those who’ve unsuccessfully attempted to get coverage at least three times and provides affordable and comprehensive coverage. In South Carolina, the FAIR plan is run by the South Carolina Wind and Hail Underwriting Association.

South Carolina’s history runs as deep as the roots of its 300-year-old Angel Oak Tree. And while we’ve only had the pleasure of operating in this historic land for a short time, we’ve seen firsthand just how much pride South Carolina residents have in their homes. We get it. We feel the same pride every time we sign a new policy in the Palmetto State. Looking for a new provider that has your back? Contact Hippo to see how home insurance should operate.

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