Okay, Maine may not be the state you think of when you think of Portland. But just like Oregon’s city of the same name, Portland, Maine, has its own charms and uniqueness that make it a great place to visit and live.

For one, only Portland, Maine, inspired a poem from the town’s most famous resident poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. “Often I think of the beautiful town that is seated by the sea,” Longfellow wrote in a poem. And Portland residents can surely attest to the truthfulness of the verse.

With a rocky coastline, beautiful beaches and proximity to many natural wonders, Portland is a place to marvel at the beauty of a humpback whale, sip a refreshing Allagash beer and enjoy the quiet life away from big cities and professional sports.

But while Portland, Maine, may be a relaxing place to settle down, you shouldn’t let home insurance fall through the cracks. We’ve put together a guide to home insurance in Portland, including average cost and considerations.

How much is homeowners insurance in Portland?

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Home insurance in Portland, Maine, will cost about $1,295 per year, meaning residents of this city will pay about $300 more than the Maine homeowners insurance average of $991 and about $100 more than the United States average of $1,200.

Overall, Portland is a temperate town that experiences cool summers and long winters. Crime in the area is also on par with the national average. This is good news for its residents, as insurance premiums are around the national average.

Portland, Maine, residents will pay about $100 more than the national average for home insurance. That’s just about enough to buy five 12-can cases of Allagash White from Portland’s Allagash Brewing Company.
Portland, ME Home Insurance Premiums

What does home insurance in Portland cover?

A typical home insurance policy will take care of the dwelling, personal property and personal liability. Essentially, a basic insurance plan covers the structures on your property, belongings on your property and any accidental damage you cause.

The overall crime index in Portland is lower than the U.S. average, but property crimes like burglaries are higher. A standard home insurance policy covers your belongings, so you’ll be covered in the event a porch pirate takes a package, or someone breaks into your home. If you have items in your home that are particularly valuable, you may want to consider insuring them separately, as there are limits to a standard policy’s theft protection.

Portland, ME Insurance Coverage Options

Traditional coverage


Supplemental coverage


Considerations for Portlanders

Many things impact your home insurance premium, including home age and size, crime rates in your city, local weather patterns, and the number of insurance claims filed in your area.

Good news for Portland residents: The city is prepared for the weather. Maine’s coastal cities can experience nor’easters, heavy rainfall and snow during freezing, prolonged winters. Though these winter patterns may seem extreme, the city’s infrastructure is prepared for the freeze, and there are home insurance options that can help protect your home in the event you’re hit by extreme weather.

How to lower your home insurance premium

Just as many things can impact your home insurance premium, there are many ways to lower it, too.

For example, shop smart. The median year a home was built in Portland was 1943. Older homes are more prone to equipment breakdown, structural damage during bad weather, and other maintenance issues, so it may cost more to insure them. Buying a home that isn’t too big and isn’t too old can help lower your premium.

You can also consider weatherproofing your home to get it ready for any extreme weather that may arise. 

You can also get a discount on your premium by purchasing in an HOA community, installing smart home devices, having no claims on record, buying a fire extinguisher and making other attempts to secure the safety of your home and family.

Portland, Maine, is the most populous city in Maine yet is home to only about 66,000 people. To put it into perspective: Portland, Maine, is about ten times smaller than Portland, Oregon. It’s safe to say that Portland likes its relaxed vibe with a view of the wharf and a thriving arts scene.

For such a lowkey city, home insurance should be a quick and easy process. That starts with Hippo.

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