If you’re looking to live in a place where the beach meets the city, look no further than Jacksonville, Florida, or “Jax” as it is known to its natives. The most populous city in Florida, Jacksonville is home to an impressive 22 miles of sandy shoreline, and after the beach, you can watch the Jacksonville Jaguars play at the TIAA Bank Field or see a real-life jaguar at the Jacksonville Zoo. There are endless possibilities in the state’s fourth-largest metropolitan area.

The tropical climate appeals to a variety of homeowners who love exploring the wetlands of the Timucuan Preserve or the coastal national parks. In Jax, there’s something for everyone, including those who’d rather spend the day on the golf course than the swampland. In fact, the city is known as the home of the World Golf Hall of Fame. 

Before you practice the perfect hole in one, you’ll want to make sure that your home is protected with the right home insurance.

How much is home insurance in Jacksonville?

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The average rate for home insurance in Jacksonville, FL. costs $2,779 per year on average, according to Insurance.com. While this is only $600 higher than the average Florida home insurance of $2,193, it's more than twice the national average of $1,200.

Home insurance in Jacksonville costs $2,779 per year on average, which can get you in to see the Jaguars play a home game over 30 times.


What factors influence my home insurance rate?

Many historic Jacksonville homes were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s and have been kept intact for a century or more. Although they’re beautiful homes, their age may prove to introduce problems that insurers deem riskier to cover.

Besides the age of your home, other factors like extreme weather and location can impact your home insurance rate due to the greater risk for natural disasters in the region. Jacksonville’s close proximity to the water is one of the reasons why home insurance is on the higher end compared to more inland Florida cities like Tallahassee and Gainesville. 

Jacksonsville Home Insurance Premiums

What does homeowners insurance in Jacksonville, FL cover?

It's best practice to ensure your home in Jacksonville is protected with a home insurance policy, which typically offers dwelling coverage and personal property protection. This means if your golf club goes flying and damages your home as you practice for the annual Players Championship, repairing the damage will be covered by your insurance — but next time, you may want to take your practice to the golf course to play it safe. 

On the other hand, liability insurance is included in the standard policy and protects you if that same club slips out of your hand and hurts a visitor in your home.

Since Florida is prone to extreme weather, it’s in your best interest to get flood insurance and windstorm insurance which aren’t otherwise covered by most homeowners insurance policies. The average cost of flood insurance for Floridians is $597 per year, and nearly 33% of Florida households reported having flood insurance. You may also want to consider protecting your property with hurricane coverage as this type of insurance also isn’t likely included in a general home insurance policy.

What Jacksonville residents need to know

Jacksonvillians are in luck with all their beautiful beaches, but residents should be aware of the higher-than-average crime rate and consider adding theft protection to their policy. As we mentioned above, Jacksonville is prone to hurricanes and flooding, so adding insurance riders like flood and windstorm coverage to your policy is a must. Sinkholes can also be commonplace in Jacksonville, with over 17 sinkholes reported in Florida on any given day, so adding catastrophe coverage can help protect you and your home.

Floridians can also benefit from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to provide flood insurance as well as the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation to obtain insurance in the event that other insurers deem the home too risky to insure.

Jacksonville Insurance Coverage Options

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Supplemental coverage


How to lower your Jacksonville home insurance premium

Even though the cost of living in Jacksonville is lower than the national average, living in a metropolitan area can increase your home insurance premium, so finding ways to save is key. That way you can enjoy all that the Birthplace of Southern Rock has to offer — like the annual Great Atlantic Southern Rock Revival music festival.

Since Jacksonville has a higher crime rate than the national average, adding smart home technology, like doorbell cameras, can increase security and provide surveillance. Smart devices can even come in handy when it comes to monitoring energy or water use in your home. You can also reduce your water usage by having a low-maintenance lawn through xeriscaping.

The Sunshine State is also known for its hurricanes. In fact, Jacksonville was one of the many cities in Florida affected by Hurricane Irma in 2017, experiencing the worst flooding the city had ever seen. This resulted in updated building codes requiring reinforced roofing, windows resistant to impact, and wind protection for newer homes. Making sure that your roof, windows, and HVAC systems are up to date can increase protection against much of the state’s extreme weather — not to mention lower your home insurance rate.

Jacksonvillians get the best of both worlds: an oceanside coast with a metropolitan region to accompany it. We’re here to help you find the right home protection when you get there. Call us for a home insurance quote for the coverage you need.

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