Summer is finally here. We are tenuously coming out from under the shadow of COVID, applying the sunscreen, and getting ready to enjoy time with family and friends. For some of us, summer finds us relocating. Summer is also “peak season” for big home moves, with 80% of moves taking place from April to September. June, July and August are by far the busiest months of the year to move.

The reason for the peak moving season occurring during the summer months may seem obvious: School is out, the weather allows for easier travel, and it tends to be less complicated to use your paid time off from work during summertime when vacations are expected. Due to the booming housing market right now, expect the roadways to be full of U-Hauls and moving trucks this summer. Keep reading for tips on how to plan and prep for a successful move, or check out our moving checklist piece.

Book your moving company early

Once you have decided on your move date, book your moving company as soon as possible, preferably months in advance. Remember, all dates, even most weekdays, will be in high demand during this time. You'll find yourself at an advantage if you schedule your movers before their calendar is filled, giving you more flexibility to select days and times of your choosing. 

Pro Tip: Even though it may be tempting, don’t plan to book your move during holiday weekends if at all possible. You’ll want to avoid price surges around these high-demand days, and chances are your favorite moving company has already been booked up months in advance.

Create a home inventory as you pack

A home inventory is pretty important for a few reasons. It helps you determine home much personal property coverage you need, it will help you keep track of everything you have in your home, and it will also come in very handy if you ever have to file an insurance claim.

If the idea of creating an inventory of all the contents in your home makes you want to run for the hills, you are not alone. 

Let your move serve double-duty. You are having to go through all of your items anyway, you might as well gather the information needed for a home inventory. And luckily, with the advancements in technology, the process isn’t as tedious as you might think. In fact, you can even take a video of your home or provide pictures for proof of what you own. Just like you probably assume, there’s a home inventory app for that.

Pack to protect from the heat

Moving trucks do not come standard with refrigeration, although you can request and pay for the service. This means that your items will be packed in a moving trailer that can get extremely hot internally, even on just moderately warm days.

Most items will do just fine, but when it comes to belongings such as electronics, vinyl records, and other media collections, you may want to consider taking care of them yourself and keep them with you and outside the moving trucks.

Moving with children

Involving your kids in the moving process can help get them excited about their new home and the changes that are about to occur. It’s best to let your children know as soon as possible about the upcoming relocation and prepare them by showing them that a move can be both challenging and fun.

You can help make the packing process more digestible for your kids by helping them do it. Show them how to pack a box, wrap their fragile toys and tape it closed. Teaching them to pack will not only help you out but will also give them some responsibility and structure in the new move. For a stress-free guide to help moving with children, check out our guide.

Cut costs where you can

While calculating the cost, which on average will run you 25-35% more than the fall and winter months, there are a few things you can do to help reduce the price of your 2021 move.

  • Downsize as much as you can - the less you have to move, the cheaper it can be
  • Don’t pay for boxes - with boxes being a necessity, avoid the expensive cost and seek out free moving boxes 
  • Get multiple moving company quotes - prices will vary and you may be able to leverage different quotes to negotiate lower rates
  • Be flexible with your dates if possible - ask your moving company what different dates would cost, and remember mid-month is often more cost-effective

Happy movers, happy move

With it being a hectic season during the warmest months of the year, your movers are likely exhausted, both mentally and physically. So it is a good idea to have some cold bottled water and some snacks handy. Then just stand back and let the professionals do their thing.

Moving is a stressful time. Understandably, your belongings are of the utmost importance to you. But rest assured, if you've found a moving company with a proven track record and solid reviews, try to allow the professionals plenty of room to do their job. Give clear direction and help if needed.

Have a contingency plan

Anticipate disruptions and have an alternative plan. These moving companies are not only overwhelmed during the busy summer months, but their schedules are also extremely tight. Unforeseen events can result in your mover canceling at the last minute, the need to bring a different truck, show up a day late, etc. While this doesn’t happen often, it does happen. Have a list of names to start calling if there is a problem, especially if you have to be out by a specific date. 

Home Insurance can help

Did you know that your homeowners insurance policy protects your belongings while they are at your home, during the move and even when stored at a commercial facility? This does not include damage that occurred during the move, like when items were being packed or when the movers were handling them.

Know what is in your agreement with your moving company and speak with your home insurance provider to see if your current policy will provide coverage or if you should think about adding specific riders for extra protection during the move. 

With all of your family’s cherished possessions packed up and ready to move, it is important to know that you can rest assured in the knowledge that everything is being properly protected. With companies like Hippo and our 4x higher coverage limits on electronics and enhanced coverage on the appliances that help run your home, you can rest easy. Talk to one of our professionals, and we can help protect your summer move so that it can be smooth sailing.

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