As you may already know, Hippo Insurance launched in 2015 with the deep belief that homeowners deserve better home insurance. We recognized a smarter home is a safer home and we take a proactive approach to home insurance, providing our customers with smart home devices and working with them to identify and solve small issues in their homes before they become big claims.

Today, we’re thrilled to welcome Sheltr, a home maintenance platform that helps homeowners proactively care for their homes to the Hippo family.CLICK TO TWEET

Today, we’re thrilled to welcome Sheltr, a home maintenance platform that helps homeowners proactively care for their homes to catch and mitigate issues before they become costly repairs, to the Hippo family to further accelerate our mission of modernizing how we protect our homes. This is our most important partnership, and now acquisition to date. 

You spoke and we listened. The number one frustration of today’s homeowners in the ongoing cost and responsibility of maintaining their homes – just take a look at these facts. Hippo’s goal is to help our customers protect their most important financial asset and maintenance is a great way to help.

Founded in 2018 by Andrew Wynn and Praveen Chekuri, Sheltr makes home maintenance effortless through twice annual home checkups – like a physical for your house, to improve the way you protect valued assets and reduce unplanned expenses.

For our amazing customers, this means there’s even more value to being a Hippo client, with more opportunity to avoid claims-related incidents in their homes. Very soon, Hippo customers will have the option to receive specially designed protective home maintenance checkups from Sheltr. 

Sheltr’s checkups work much like annual check ups with our doctors or regular oil changes for our vehicles. Hippo’s goal is to not only to provide our customers with the insurance coverage that matches their specific needs but to also help our customers save on their insurance by taking good care of their homes. The service is currently rolling out to select customers in the San Francisco Bay Area and Dallas and will be expanding to new neighborhoods in 2020. 

But, I’m sure you’re wondering how this all works. In short, a trained Sheltr Home Pro will visit your home twice a year to deliver a home check up. Each checkup includes home maintenance tasks including changing smoke detector batteries, replacing HVAC filters, and cleaning dryer vents as well as identify potentially problematic issues, like a leaky pipe, before they become costly repairs. After each checkup customers receive a home wellness summary that details all the work that was done as well the option to book recommended or optional services. It really is that easy, and has already show that it can help mitigate claims –  in more than half of the homes we ran the pilot with earlier this year. 

You may think that this doesn’t impact you, since you already maintain your home or have a newer home with that fresh paint smell and the assurance that nothing will break. But, we know that each year, 22 million American homeowners experience an unexpected home repair – often a stressful and expensive problem that could have been avoided. So we’re making this move to help you and your home, before you may even realize you need it, because that’s what I think a customer-first company should do. 

Traditional insurance is an entirely reactive product and Hippo is shifting the status quo by making homeowners insurance proactive. Having Sheltr’s proactive maintenance services available is a huge win for our customers and we’re excited to bring this capability in-house. We know what’s good for our customers is good for our business –  a recent JD Power study found 34% of consumers would be willing to switch to an insurance carrier that offered preventative loss and protection services.

We couldn’t be happier to welcome the Sheltr team to the Hippo family and offer these amazing services out to our customers in the coming months. 

If you have any questions about Sheltr, don’t hesitate to say hello at [email protected] or (800) 755-9025. 

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