Sometimes when a business collaboration starts, you have a feeling that it will evolve into something significant. You’re not yet sure what it will be, but with the right synergy, you know it’s going to be great.  

When I met the SwingDev founders, more than 7 years ago, I knew our shared vision would give us the ability to build something substantial together. We immediately connected over our deep belief that technology has a huge potential to advance established industries. We were both working on modern, agile, data-driven endeavors that were pushing legacy industries towards customer-focused change. Both back then and right now, it was all about how we turn the most stressful tasks, like caring for your home, into a joyful and relaxed experience.  

Recently, the vision behind our initial conversations became reality. I am very excited to share that SwingDev has become a part of Hippo, establishing Hippo’s first engineering, product development, and innovation site in Europe. We have been working directly with SwingDev for several years, and I have long admired their approach to engineering culture and excellence. The Hippo engineering organization will benefit significantly by embedding SwingDev’s practices. Their constant drive towards “developer-first” thinking and going above and beyond to create a world-class engineering culture will make our partnership a great one. 

SwingDev’s success story as an engineering boutique is a bright example that if you take care of your team, your team will take care of the product; and that customer outcomes are amplified by the technical competency of the team. Poland has an amazing talent density, with engineers, designers, and product managers very often possessing skills on a higher level than can be found at more traditional tech hubs elsewhere in Europe. 

Hippo has evolved past the point of being a startup making waves in a highly regulated industry full of incumbents, proving the value of a customer-first business model in the space. Now, as a newly public company, we have shown how successful this model gets if you put customer needs first and leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver on your promises. With success comes responsibility, and we still have a lot to accomplish, which is why we knew it was the ideal time to further accelerate our engineering growth.  

SwingDev’s culture of valuing introspection, rigorous quality standards, and devotion to craftsmanship, combined with the talent and vision of the Hippo team, will ultimately deliver ambitious projects that will help our customers feel the joy of homeownership. 

The talented SwingDev team in Poland already works with our teams in the US and Israel and has made significant contributions to key growth programs including Hippo Builders, and Hippo Home Care, alongside several other strategic initiatives that will drive our business strategy and customer success forward. We’re quickly growing and plan to involve the new Hippo Poland team in other product, platform, and innovation efforts.

With this acquisition, I feel more confident than ever that our team, now spanning three continents, is very well positioned to deliver a phenomenal experience for every customer trusting Hippo with their most cherished property – their home.

Hippo + Swing Unite to Further Home Insurance Innovation


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