West Virginia is a seriously picturesque state with a huge reputation for having some of the friendliest folks around. And besides the Mountain State being 80% covered by forests and having a low cost of living (making it a great option for those forever “work-from-homers”), here are few more fun facts about living in the Switzerland of America.

Celebrating Bridge Day

Every October on Bridge Day, the New River Gorge Bridge is closed to traffic while individuals parachute and bungee jump 876 feet off the bridge. The reason they can do that is because the New River Gorge Bridge is the longest steel arch bridge in the Western Hemisphere, spanning a length of 1,700 feet.

Extreme and mountain sports are a way of life for West Virginians. Whether it be camping, mountain biking, river rafting, WV has no shortage of places to go. 

If you are an avid outdoor sports person, you know these hobbies come with their own equipment list and costs. For example, an average mountain bike price is $3,831.66. Cyclists can expect to spend $193.96 on the low end, with prices climbing as high as $11,999.99.

Because your tricked-out mountain bike will fall underneath the personal property section of your HO-3 homeowners insurance policy, you won't be underinsured.

One of the best places to see the Fall foliage

The mountains ignite into what seems like 1,000 vibrant colors in the Fall; you’ll be swept away by WV’s autumnal beauty.

Fall is not only one of the most beautiful seasons in West Virginia but also a very wet season. But be warned, the flooding that West Virginia goes through every year doesn’t only come from the damp weather, but also dam and levee failures, so that is why it is so important that even if your home has never been through a flood, it doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. It’s important to take advantage of a home insurance company’s knowledge of your property and the surrounding area and any other preventative technology, like complimentary smart home kits.

It’s Pepperoni Roll time

Not to be confused with stromboli, this West Virginian treat is a delicious recipe of soft, white bread with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese folded snug together, and then baked to perfection so that the oil from the pepperoni soaks through the roll and makes the entire thing oily, spicy and extremely crave-able.

Giuseppe “Joseph” Argiro first distributed this fabulous little lunch staple at his bakery in Fairmont, West Virginia, called The Country Club Bakery in 1927 and initially marketed it as an easy and delicious meal for the hardworking coal miners in the state. 

If you weren’t a bluegrass music fan before, you are now

West Virginia is where the musical genre of bluegrass really got its start. It is… wait for it… an instrumental part of this Appalachian state, with all the banjos and fiddles and dulcimers.

People who moved to the state from places like England, Ireland and Scotland entertained themselves and their neighbors with music and lyrics about their day-to-day life. This is why bluegrass embodies the sweet, sweet sound of West Virginia like no other musical style can.

Who needs a pool when you can find a swimming hole?

WV is known for hidden swimming holes. Some even have their own perfect rope swing. There’s nothing quite like getting up the courage to let go of that rope while bracing yourself for the crisp, cool water in the summertime.

But if you just have to have a pool or hot tub on your property, make sure to get in touch with your home insurance company to make them aware of any outdoor upgrades that you make. Protecting your investment is vital. This includes ensuring you have protection over pools, spas, fire pits, any speakers and televisions.

You will want to ask your home insurance company what perils your outdoor improvements are insured for. Because coverage can vary depending on the type of item, you will want to make sure they clarify whether your homeowners insurance policy covers replacement cost or actual cash value.

Not-so-secret, secret nuclear bunker 

The state is home to a nuclear bunker designed to accommodate congresspeople and their support staff if there is a nuclear attack. The bunker’s existence should have been a secret, but West Virginians have long spilled the beans on the feature hidden beneath the Greenbrier Resort. The bunker actually opened in 1961 and then had to remain on constant alert as a nuclear fallout shelter. However, the bunker is now open for public tours.

Maybe it isn’t a whole nuclear bunker, but do you have additional structures on your property? Decks, gazebos, sheds and other structures can have coverage under your traditional home insurance policy; just make sure you verify with your home insurance company that it is indeed covered, what type of coverage it is and what it will protect against.

Hippo is excited to offer West Virginia home insurance. We are proud we get to be a part of a state that takes pride in homeownership, and we are looking forward to showing how we have streamlined the process of buying homeowners insurance. If you are interested in getting your hands on more modern home insurance, get a 60-second quote or you can always give us a call at (877)838-8866 to see what Hippo can do for you today.

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