Nearly a Third of Homeowners Regret Delaying Maintenance—and Want To Do Better in 2024

Jan 17
homeowner tightening pipes under bathroom sink

The new year is a great time for a fresh start with your home—and we’re not just talking about a coat of paint. Data from our 2023 Housepower Report revealed that home repairs were the top issue for responding homeowners in the past 12 months (39%). Looking ahead to the new year, nearly one-third of responding homeowners in our annual Housepower Report would advise other homeowners to prioritize scheduling and budgeting for ongoing proactive home maintenance in 2024.

To learn more about homeownership priorities in the new year, we surveyed U.S.-based homeowners to take a closer look at their past homeownership challenges and future maintenance goals. 

Key Takeaways from Responding Homeowners

  • The top three regrets from the past 12 months were delaying routine home maintenance and/or necessary repairs (32%), neglecting areas that take more effort to maintain (like refrigerator coils and dryer vents) (27%), and not DIYing enough home maintenance tasks (21%).

  • The top three resolutions for 2024 were to clean and maintain commonly neglected areas (like refrigerator coils and dryer vents) (35%), commit to completing home maintenance tasks on time (28%), and try at least one DIY project (27%). 

  • Nearly two-thirds (65%) of homeowners plan to do some work on their homes in 2024.

  • 42% of homeowners say that proactive scheduling and budgeting for home maintenance, repairs, and upgrades help them maintain a positive and proactive approach to homeownership. 

Homeowners’ top three regrets focus on one theme—home maintenance

bar chart showing homeowners regrets in 2023

Responding homeowners had home maintenance top of mind when asked about regrets. The top three regrets were delaying routine home maintenance, neglecting areas that are tough to maintain, and not DIYing enough tasks around the home.

After a year filled with rising expenses, homeowners can help cut down on unexpected costs and stress by taking a proactive approach. For example, addressing a water leak as soon as it’s detected can help prevent long-term water damage and related issues like mold, deteriorating pipes, and degrading foundation. 

Regular maintenance for commonly neglected areas is especially important. That includes areas that are tough to access or time-consuming to address. For example, we learned in our 2023 Housepower report that only 47% of responding homeowners cleaned their cooking vent hoods every six months or more, as recommended.

Although it’s easy to ignore tasks like this, regular maintenance can help improve the efficiency of critical appliances and overall safety of the home. Dirty cooking vent hoods are a fire hazard because they can harbor a buildup of grease and debris. The National Fire Protection Association found that 66% of home cooking fires started by igniting cooking materials like grease and fat. Keeping your vents clean can help minimize debris that can start a fire while also improving airflow.

DIYing maintenance tasks can also make it easier to keep up with your home. When you have the skills, tools, and time available, you can address issues before they get worse. With a professional, you have to wait until they’re available and when you can afford the total cost to get the job done. 

Responding homeowners resolve to overcome home maintenance regrets this year

Homeowner’s top regrets most likely inspired their top three resolutions for this year: maintain commonly neglected areas, commit to routine home maintenance, and try at least one DIY project, according to our latest homeowner survey.  

You can see a comparison of answer themes of regrets and resolutions in the chart below.

bar chart comparing 2023 regrets and 2024 resolutions

In addition to home maintenance, responding homeowners are also prioritizing their budgets and energy-efficient upgrades this year. A larger budget can help give homeowners more room to navigate their to-do list, especially as homeowners plan to complete more home maintenance tasks this year.

Prioritizing energy-efficient upgrades can also be a valuable long-term investment that reduces usage and utility costs. Certain upgrades can help minimize wear and tear for your critical home systems. For example, upgrading to double-pane windows can help insulate your home and minimize the need to run your heater or air conditioning. According to ENERGY STAR, homes can save $101–$583 a year when replacing single-pane windows with ENERGY STAR-qualified windows.

Our 2023 Housepower Report also revealed that energy-efficient upgrades were among the top three strategies of choice for responding homeowners looking to simplify responsibilities and cut down on expenses. 

How to start the year off right with your home

Nearly two-thirds of responding homeowners are planning to make changes to their homes in 2024. Whether you’re among those planning minor upgrades or major renovations, starting the year off with a plan and a positive attitude can help you overcome regrets from this past year. Referencing a seasonal home maintenance checklist is a great place to start.

We asked responding homeowners about the most effective strategies for keeping a positive and proactive approach to homeownership. Here are the strategies they picked. Respondents were able to select more than one answer.

  • Proactive scheduling and budgeting for home maintenance, repairs, and upgrades (42%)

  • Continuously educating myself about homeownership (32%)

  • Regular reflection and assessment (26%)

  • Investing in technology and smart solutions (26%)

  • Consulting experts for complex homeownership issues (23%)

  • Seeking emotional support from loved ones and friends (20%)

Check out our guide below to learn how you can implement these strategies and start the year off right on your homeownership journey.

tips for staying positive on your homeownership journey

If you’re ready to dive headfirst into your homeownership journey, check out the free Hippo Home app to get a personalized checklist of tasks to improve your home’s health. You can also access DIY guides to learn how to tackle simple home maintenance tasks by yourself.

Download the Hippo Home app today on the App Store and Google Play Store to start your year on the right foot.


The survey was conducted by SurveyMonkey Audience for Hippo Insurance Services. The survey was fielded between November 22, 2023, and November 24, 2023. The results are based on 1,109 completed surveys. In order to qualify, respondents were screened to be residents of the United States, over 18 years of age, and own a home. Data is unweighted, and the margin of error is approximately +/-3% for the overall sample with a 95% confidence level.


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