It’s that time again. Time to put away our picnic baskets and sandals and get ready for the return to school. It also goes without saying that this year is, of course, different from most. But whether your children are going back to school virtually, in person or a hybrid of both, we wanted to help out with some tips on how to keep your family and home safe during the Back-to-School season.

Reinforce Everyday Precautions

Let children know that they have been doing a great job throughout the pandemic and that the precautions they have already taken are what they need to keep doing to be healthy. Encourage them to keep wearing their masks when outside the home, sanitize their hands often, keep their hands away from their eyes and mouth, and social distance as much as possible.

Listening to Your Child’s Concerns

With the rapid pace at which the COVID situation is changing, it’s understandable if your child is confused or has concerns. Making them feel comfortable about returning to school during the pandemic is essential. If it hasn’t come up, initiate the conversation to make sure they feel comfortable and confident returning to school plans and routines. Aim to be as available and prepared as possible because vulnerability is hard.

The next step is to take action when and where you can. Are they worried about having enough clean masks? Show them where the extras are kept. What if someone stands too close during lunchtime? Role-play how to politely ask someone to allow for more space. They will feel better about bringing these concerns up, and you will have given them the proper tools for when these situations arise. 

Keeping the Car Safe and Sanitized

Keeping your vehicle clean, organized, and stocked up with hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and masks will make pick up and drop off much more manageable for you and your little ones. Designate spots in your car for PPE sanitation supplies, clean masks, backpack storage and a trash receptacle, which should be emptied every day. Getting ready in the morning and pick-up times should be fun, so destress the situation by singing their favorite songs or making and playing a special playlist while masking and sanitizing.

Sanitizing School Supplies

The CDC recommends cleaning your children’s high-touch surfaces and supplies at least once a day but as often as needed. You can spray items like textbooks and backpacks with disinfectant, and things like pencils, games, and lunchboxes should be wiped down with soap or a disinfectant wipe. 

When it comes to electronics, it is essential to follow any special cleaning instructions given by the manufacturer, but in most cases, you can use a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water. Spritz on a disposable cloth and wipe down displays, keyboards, and any other exterior surfaces. Never use bleach or submerge your electronics in liquid.

Please note: Remember to wash your hands after all of your disinfecting so that all your cleaning will be effective.

Home Insurance that Protects Your Comings and Goings

One of the major, unanticipated impacts of the pandemic is that it made technology even more critical to our children’s learning experience. More kids will now be traveling with their tablets and laptops, so it is especially important to know what your home insurance will cover if anything happens to your devices. The good news is that your devices have coverage from the perils listed in your policy, like theft and vandalism, so getting to know your home insurance policy is always a great idea. 

Homeowners insurance protects electronics you own or use, but not always in cases where those electronics are provided by school or work. If you want to be certain, just give your home insurance carrier a call to find out exactly how you and the family are covered if anything happens to your tech as you are commuting to and from school.

Double-check your home insurance policy to ensure that you have enough or the right type of coverage for all of your technology (did we mention that Hippo has 4x higher coverage limits on electronics than other providers). If you are part of the Hippo family, we are available 24/7. Give us a call.

Reminding Kids That Kindness is King

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented time in our history. Now is the time to be extra kind to others and to show empathy for other families, essential workers, school staff, and each other. We are all doing our best, and we all need to treat people like we would want to be treated.

Returning to school during the pandemic can be a bit daunting, but you can give yourself a big pat on the back for doing all of the hard work to prepare your family to stay as safe as possible. We are still learning about this virus and its variants, so as we begin to return to school, let’s continue to keep our homes as safe as possible.  This will help us all feel like we have a space we can return to enjoy and relax in full

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