Last week, as part of our in-office fireside chat series, we hosted Andre Iguodala in our Palo Alto, California office. His insights, founded on his incredible work ethic and talent that helped catapult him into a successful NBA career, transitioned easily into leadership, team and growth lessons.

Our CEO and co-founder, Assaf Wand, hosted the fireside chat and asked Andre questions about his recent memoir, The Sixth Man, his NBA career and recent investments. Over the course of the hour-long fireside chat Andre shared his expertise as both an investor and a player including the most valuable lessons he learned from Philly fans and, for the Warriors fans in the room, the growth and achievements he found under Steve Kerr’s coaching.

To see the full interview, check it out here (for part 1) and here (for part 2), or if you’re more of a TL:DR kinda person like me, here are the top 10 moments and a video clip. 

  • Andre was born and raised in Springfield, IL, which he qualifies as the right sized city to produce star athletes (that’s a population size of around 105K) and was heavily influenced by his grandmother who spent a lot of time at the church and fostering kids, which taught him how to manage various personalities.

  • He grew up with several very disciplined women, including his mom, who taught him life skills early that translated quickly into how he approached his basketball career.

  • Grew leaps and bounds working with each coach in his career, learning just as much from coaches he wanted to emulate as he did from others who still needed to grow, and commended Kerr’s leadership style of taking all his coaches’ perspectives and suggestions into account.

  • He’s always been hard working, but saw a wide variation in work ethics from players throughout his career which validates his need to always put in the extra effort to gain more out of the job, day and life.

  • Putting in the time and effort to do the mundane things, like dribbling for 30 minutes at the top of every practice in college, is what truly changed his game.

  • He advises others to decide who you want to be and emulate that until you find your ideal fit, including finding a role model by simply paying attention to what others around you say and do.

Big thanks to Andre and Rudy Cline-Thomas, of Mastry, for coming to visit Hippo and share their latest with us.  



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