The short answer is yes. However, the damage to your roof must be the result of a weather event covered in your policy. Your roof will not be replaced by your homeowners insurance policy if it was damaged due to negligence or lack of maintenance and upkeep. Often, your general dwelling coverage should also cover your roof. However, if you live in a region prone to high winds and/or hail, you can expect to pay a wind and hail deductible. So, we turned to our VP of Claims, Darin McCarthy, and his team to learn how to prepare for the hail season and what to do if damage occurs. 

General Q & As

If you’ve lost your roof to extreme winds or hail, there are going to be a number of questions that immediately spring to mind. Here’s what our claims specialists had to say about the most popular questions that come up during this wet and windy season: 

What is the claims process for inspecting roof damage?

As with most insurers, an appointment to inspect the extent of the damage to your roof will be arranged by Hippo. A report is generated and provided to your assigned adjuster. After submitting a claim, Hippo will dispatch an independent adjuster or contractor to assess the damage and document any potential findings that could be helpful and relevant to handling the claim. Once that report is submitted back to Hippo, the Hippo Claims team will determine coverage and potential expenses associated with resolving the issue. 

Can I hire my own contractor or does Hippo work with their own?

While you are certainly free to search for and hire your own contractor to repair your roof, Hippo strongly advises the use of certified contractors (which will be discussed in more detail). Unfortunately, following major weather events including hurricanes and tornadoes, less than desirable contractors seek out unsuspecting homeowners and take advantage of their situation.  When filing a claim, our Hippo team will let you know if there are any partners available in our network to help assess and/or repair damage. If we don't have a specific recommendation, we can guide you on how to best choose one. 

What happens if repairs costs do not exceed my deductible?

You are responsible for the first dollars of your claim, your deductible amount. If total repair costs do not exceed your deductible, then you will be responsible to cover the costs. 

How long does it take for my roof to be repaired or replaced?

It depends on the availability of your contractor of choice as well as the severity of the damage and the availability of contractors in your area. GAF provides an excellent step-by-step process on repairing or replacing your roof to help you better gauge how long the process might take. 

Are there any circumstances where my homeowners policy would NOT cover a roof replacement if my roof was damaged during a storm/high wind event?

There a few instances where your policy wouldn’t cover repair or replacement. One would be if the actual hail damage happened outside the policy term. Another might be if the roof can be repaired. Also, if the damage to your roof is identified as a lack of upkeep and general maintenance, then your policy won’t cover repair or replacement.

If I have any special features in my roof, like skylights, are those features also covered if damaged?

Probably, depending on if the damage happened from a covered loss. If the damage is determined to be a result of a covered event and your policy has appropriate coverages, the independent adjuster and claims team will review and determine if any features could be covered under your policy. 

Again, be wary of choosing a contractor that is going through your neighborhood knocking on doors offering their services. These contractors often go to areas where there have been reported instances of potential weather associated damage and look to drum up business. Perform your due diligence in researching the contractor company and determine if they are actually a legitimate business with a solid presence in the area. 

Working with contractors that stand by their work and offer warranties is a good safeguard and litmus test in choosing someone to perform work on your home. If you are a Hippo customer, you can also lean on us to provide you with a preferred partner list of best-in-class partners including GAF Master Elite® contractors who also provide enhanced warranties covering workmanship. 

If you still have questions about wind damage to your roof or any questions about homeowners insurance, reach out to one of our Hippo specialists.


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